Below is the download list for CLAMP’s Tsubasa World Chronicle series in descending order.

All scanlations are provided by ManjuuManga. We are a newly established scanlations group aiming to provide quality English scanlations for CLAMP’s Tsubasa World Chronicle series. We hope you enjoy our work.

Scanlations are free for sharing, but please credit the scanlations group, raw providers and original authors accordingly. These scans must not be used for business purposes. ManjuuManga will not be responsible for any legal inquiries that arise as a result of such purposes.

DISCLAIMER: Scanlations from ManjuuManga are only meant for leisure reading and must not be used for any form of business purposes. If you enjoy reading this story, please support CLAMP by purchasing the original or licensed material available in your country or language.


Tsubasa World Chronicles

Chapter 8: Divine Power

Chapter 7: I’ve Been Waiting for You

Chapter 6.1: Special Chapter 1 

Chapter 6: The World That We See

Chapter 5: No Matter What Lies Ahead

Chapter 4: The Coexistence of the Living and the Dead

Chapter 3: The Meeting with the Goddess (Note: The current version of this scanlations isn’t ManjuuManga’s but my own, so the quality is different!)

Chapter 2: Lights and Flowers

Chapter 1: The New World


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